Midsummer Treasure Hunt

‘On Sunday 19th June we took part in the inaugural Antrim Parish
Treasure Hunt. We set off with a full car and Father Murphy’s challenging clues
in hand. Some of the clues were the cause of much debate and dispute amongst
our team; they even resulted in several u-turns and an ever increasing
frustrated driver.

At one point a member of our team took to asking passers-by for help with the
answers! One of the clues took us to Tannaghmore, where we encountered a
traffic jam as many other Treasure Hunters scurried about trying to solve the
clue. Here it was more like the ‘Wacky Races’ than a Treasure Hunt!

We persevered and finally got to the last clue where we had to name the Nine
Glens of Antrim, those geography lessons did prove useful after all! With the
answers completed to the best of our ability we returned to the Parish Hall.
While Father Emerson and his trusty helpers marked the answers we enjoyed some
welcome refreshments, tea, sandwiches and buns as well as treats for the
children. Sadly our team didn’t win any prizes but it was a great afternoon for all the family. Here’s looking forward to the next one.’