ROME: Conference Studies Vatican II from the Archives

October 3, 2012 Independent Catholic News
An International Academic Conference: ‘Vatican Council II in the Light of the Archives of the Council Fathers, on the Fiftieth Anniversary of its Opening (1962-2012)’ has begun today in Rome. The three-day event has been organised by the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences in collaboration with the ‘Vatican Council II’ Centre for Research and Study of the Pontifical Lateran University.

Day for Life Letter from Irish Bishops

Day for Life Letter from the Irish Bishops is available in the porch of each  Church in the parish, please take one or visit website for additional resources and watch the video presentation. Alternatively you may wish to sign up for the “@chooselife2012” Twitter account and receive regular messages on the “Choose Life” theme.


Pope Benedict has also raised the issue, asking a UN food conference last year: “How can we ignore the fact that food has become an object of speculation or is connected to movements in a financial market that, lacking in clear rules and moral principles, seems anchored on the sole objective of profit?”

Legion of Mary Hostels’ Collection

The Annual Church Door Collection in support of The Legion of Mary Hostels raised £1407.39 – many thanks to all those parishioners who have generously given to this cause in the face of many other calls on their resources.
All benefactors of the hostels are remembered in the prayers of the hostels.

Ceili Dancing Workshop

St Joseph’s Hall on Monday nights at 8.00pm. New members welcome.
The next Ceili will be on Saturday 20th October in St Joseph’s Hall 9.30 – 12.00pm.
Music by Raymond Loney Ceili Band. Admission £5 (supper provided).
Proceeds to St Joseph’s Nursery School.