Fr Michael McConville’s Farewell

The Friday evening Mass at St Joseph’s attracted a core of parishioners, who developed a particular fondness for him.  He had a great way of telling a story, and my goodness, how he loved his stories.  We particularly loved how he’d get his elbows on the pulpit, making himself comfortable, ready to share his insight.  We all warmed to his very human, down to earth approachability, and unique brand of humility.  Fr Michael is now in Glenarm and Larne, sharing his wisdom and experience there.  We loved having him and he’ll be sorely missed from our Masses.  May he and all his new parishioners enjoy each other’s company as much as we did in Antrim.  We were delighted he returned to say a farewell Mass on Friday 26 October, and then share another wee story at his presentation.  Thank you Fr Michael, from all of us here in Antrim Parish.