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Christmas Bazaar 2012

TV’s, Table Football and Tricycles were just the tip of the ice-berg of fantastic prizes the Parish had gathered together for the fundraiser. Master of Ceremonies was Rev. Fr Sean Emerson who kept everyone on their toes with his wit and humour.

It wasn’t just the rickety wheel that entertained the faithful, with a wide array of stalls with bric-a-brac, jewellery and hand-bags up for sale. Guess the name of the doll was popular as was the guess how many 5p’s were in the jar, with someone hitting the nail on the head at £30.75.  The star of the show was Santa of course, who dropped in to see how everyone was behaving themselves before his main appearance later this month.

As well as parishioners local GAA club Naomh Comhghall provided extra volunteers on the day, selling tickets and stewarding the car-park.

Thanking everyone involved Fr. Emerson said “Obviously the Bazaar raises welcome funds for our parish, but more importantly it provides an opportunity to come together as a Christian family. In the run-up to Christmas we remember that we are part of a living church, and we value our strong bonds of community and togetherness.

“I was delighted to see such a packed hall, and people giving so generously, I hope they will enjoy their prizes and will look forward to next year’s event. Finally I sincerely thank our generous sponsors who donated prizes, and also all those who helped in any way to make today such a success.”


Virtually unknown in her own home parish, Sister Joan Sawyer is remembered as a hero and a perhaps even a saint in Lima where each year on December 14th the anniversary of the day she, along with seven of the prisoners she administered to in Lurigancho Prison, was slaughtered.

Black Wednesday is how 14th December 1983 is remembered in Lima.

In the years since Sister Joan’s death the prisoners have continued to be inspired by her love and sacrifice. Each year on the anniversary of her death they recall her dedication to reconciliation and her quiet service. The inmates of cell blocks 6 and 8 who knew Joan best sold their allowance of bread and donated the money to buy the oil paints necessary for a large mural of their own design: Joan between two lions, one fierce looking, one calm. The mural is touched up each year in preparation for December 14th when an anniversary Mass is offered on the patio of Pavilion 6. The scant collection of books in the Pavilion which is called the library, has been renamed impressively: “Biblioteca Juana Sawyer”.

Evening Mass will be offered in her home parish of Antrim in memory of Sister Joan on Friday 14th Dec in St Joseph’s Church at 7.00pm.  Few deserve to be remembered by us as a parish as she does.

Please come along to this special Mass in her memory and give thanks for her life’s work in Peru’s prisons; a life that ended so tragically when she was shot dead in the back of an ambulance.

Sister Joan’s Story can be read on our parish website under the ‘Features’ heading.

Christmas Bazaar Latest Update


Olly Murs Concert in Odyssey Arena in April

Rod Stewart in Odyssey Arena in June


Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 The Musical in June

as well as many other star prizes.

Santa Claus will be putting in an appearance during the afternoon and there will also be a number of stalls – bottle stall, jewellery stall, lucky dip, bric a brac, bag stall, book stall and cake stall to name but a few.

Donations for any of the above stalls would be much appreciated. Items can be left at St. Joseph’s Hall between 7.30pm and 9.00pm on Monday 3rd Dec. Items for the cake stall can be left in on the afternoon of Saturday 8th Dec.

Next meeting for volunteers Monday 3rd Dec. at 7.30pm in St Joseph’s Hall.