ISRAEL: Election result could open new perspectives for Christians

Israel: election result could open new perspectives for Christians | Father Frans Bouwen, Belgian Missionary of Africa, elections in israel

Father Frans Bouwen

However he said the citizens of Israel had given a strong signal that they desire peace and stability above all else.  “With the success of the Party of Yair Lapid, a position that I would define realistic and pragmatic has been established. The Israelis have said: we want to live a normal life, without ideological struggles. Likewise, peace is one of the things that one needs in order to live a normal life. So a pragmatic and not idealistic approach can emerge, which could be beneficial, if it is not denied in the negotiations over the division of power.”

Fr Bouwen said: “The profile of the Christian community in Israel is changing, but the majority of Christians still belongs to the Palestinian Arab minority. Other Christians are mostly immigrant workers and their stable roots remain to be verified. In addition, there is the problem concerning Russian immigrants who came to Israel without revealing their Christian faith. It is known that they exist, they go to church, visit monasteries, but they do not want to be identified as Christians, and no one can say how many they are. ”

The historical editor of Proche Orient Chrétien, Father Bouwen  has been involved in ecumenical dialogue for many years and is a highly regarded analyst of Christian communities in the Middle East.