Pope Francis has lunch with Rome priests

2013-03-30 Vatican Radio
He said listening to the Pope is an extraordinary experience, and that he puts you at ease, and makes it feel as if you have been heard.


“He is not one who listens to you thinking about what to say next,” Msgr. Feroci said. “He listens profoundly; empathetically; richly.”He recounted how during the lunch, Pope Francis joked, listened, reflected, and gave his perspective.  Msgr. Feroci said Pope Francis urged them to be generous in offering confession.


“He said, ‘Open the doors of the Church, and then the people will come in…if you keep the light on in the confessional and are available, then you will see what kind of line there is for confession’…The Pope said he was confident of the need of the people of God for priests to open the doors and allow the people to meet God,” Msgr. Feroci told Vatican Radio.Father Mario Pasquale, who had served as a worker-priest for 40 years, told Vatican Radio that he felt “heard” during the meal with the Pope, and that he had the “feeling of being understood.”


He said Pope Francis told them he wants to meet the people in the parishes as Bishop of Rome.“You feel that the Pope has a lot of hope in his heart,” Father Pasquale said.  “I had this feeling that this is someone who love the Church and invites you to love the Church, too, to the end – for life – and that it’s worth it.”