Pope to pharmacists: Speaking about Jesus requires Holy Spirit

Pope Francis sits in the chapel before Mass at St. Martha’s House on April 3, 2013. Credit: L’Osservatore Romano.

During today’s Mass, the pontiff recalled how an uneducated Argentinian and father of eight spoke to him about Jesus and “did him a lot of good.”
“This man never studied theology, he only has the grace of Baptism and the power of the Spirit,” he told the congregation.
“And this testimony did me a lot of good, too, because it reminds us that in this world that offers us so many saviours, it is only the name of Jesus that saves,” said Pope Francis.
He said the man, who worked in the curia of Buenos Aires for 30 years, was a “humble” person.
“Before he goes out, before going out to do the things that he must do, he always says ‘Jesus,’” recalled the Pope.
“And I once asked him, ‘why do you always say Jesus?’”
“‘When I say Jesus,’ this humble man told me, ‘I feel strong, I feel I can work, and I know that He is with me, that He keeps me safe,’” the Pope recounted.
The 76-year-old pontiff noted that “in order to solve their problems many people resort to fortune tellers and tarot cards, but only Jesus saves and we must bear witness to this.”
Pope Francis spoke about the daily Mass reading in which Saint Peter, who had denied Jesus, later gave testimony in front of Jewish leaders, saying he had healed a cripple after invoking the name of Jesus.
St. Peter did not speak about Jesus “through his own strength” but because of the Holy Spirit, the Pope stated.