Son of Holocaust Survivor Recalls Courage & Compassion of Polish Catholic

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese, 23 Apr 2013
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Well-known Sydney barrister, Irving Wallach paid tribute to the memory and courage of Polish grandmother, Maria Jaloweic who saved the life of his mother, Rivka during the World War II Holocaust and the mass slaughter of millions of Jewish men, women and children in Nazi death camps.

At the 22nd Sho’ah Memorial Service, organised each year by t he NSW Council of Christians and Jews and held in theCrypt of St Mary’s Cathedral, Irving Wallach was keynote speaker.

For the Catholics, Anglican choir, members of the Jewish community and those of other faiths who attended the Memorial Service, it was a moving time to remember those who died in the Holocaust. The story of Maria Jaloweic who was responsible for his mother’s survival is remarkable. Despite being aware of the risk to her own and her family’s lives for sheltering two Jewish women, she fed and hid Rivka and her friend Genka for two years from 1942 to 1944.

Francis proves himself a magnet for humanity

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If the capacity to disrupt ordinary traffic patterns is one sure sign of celebrity, then Pope Francis has already solidified his credentials as a star on the Roman scene. I flew into in Rome two weeks ago at roughly 11am local time and asked my driver to take me directly to St Peter’s Square. He told me he’d get me as close as possible, but the area around St Peter’s itself was closed to traffic. When I asked why, he simply said: “It’s the pope,” writes John Allen in NCR Online.onal Catholic Reporter