UNICEF report: See the child before the disability

2013-05-30 Vatican Radio

Abid Aslam is the Editor of the UNICEF report.“They have dreams they have the dreams to fulfill those dreams and as we’ve shown in the report, given a fair chance contribute to the vitality of their families and their communities.”
But the findings also show that children with disabilities are often the most marginalized and they are among the most at risk of abuse and neglect, especially if they are institutionalized . Also noted is the fact that girls fare worse than boys and are less likely to receive food and care.
So what can be done to make the lives of these children better?According the UNICEF, summoning political will is crucial.
So far only a third of all nations have ratified and implemented the Convention on the Rights of Children with Disabilities. The report recommends that all nations make a commitment to doing this.In order to fight discrimination that prevents children from reaching their full potential the document urges everyone from governments and the private sector to communities to play their part.