People being Misled on Abortion Legislation – Bishops

Irish Bishops Conference says “No State has the right to undermine the right to life”.
Archbishop Eamon Martin.

Archbishop Eamon Martin.

The bishops have called on all citizens to make their pro-life views known to politicians, saying that “the

“Clear psychiatric evidence is telling us that abortion is not an appropriate response to women who have suicidal feelings during pregnancy. Mothers who have those feelings need our care, our compassion, our support and the suggestion that the deliberate destruction of their children is on some way going to help them in that situation, we think that does not stand up to reason.”

Archbishop Martin said that looking at the Heads of the Bill alone it appears that rather than bringing clarity the legislation will create further debate. “We have repeatedly said that such clarity can be found through enhanced medical guidelines which don’t envisage the direct and intentional killing of the unborn,” he said.

The statement from the June General Meeting of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference said that freedom of conscience is a fundamental human right. “A State that truly cherishes freedom will respect the conscience of its citizens, including its public representatives, on such an important human value as the right to life.

“We ask our public representatives to uphold the equal and inviolable right to life of all human beings, even if this means standing above other pressures and party loyalties.”