The First Right of a Human Person is Life Pope Highlights

By Sarah Mac Donald – 21 September, 2013

Each and every human life is precious and cannot be discarded Pope Francis warned members of the International Federal of Catholic Medical Associations and Catholic gynecologists in Rome.

In a strongly worded address in which he expressed dismay over a “throwaway culture” that discards human beings when they are not considered valuable, the Pope said the response to this mentality must be “a ‘yes’ to life, decisive and without hesitation.”

The Family: Monastery of the New Dark Ages

Just as the physical universe is sustained in dependence on certain centers of power and laws of operation, so it is with the social and the political world, and that great religious organization called the Catholic Church, which proceed for the most part from the presence or action of definite persons, places, events and institutions as the visible cause of the whole. There has been but one Judea, one Greece, one Rome, one Homer, one Cicero, one Caesar, one Constantine, one Charlemagne. With revelation, there has been but one St. John the Evan gelist, one Doctor of the Nations. Dogma runs along the line of Athanasius, Augustine, Thomas. The conversion of the heathen is ascribed, after the Apostles, to champions of the truth so few that we may almost count them: Martin, Patrick, Augustine, Boniface. Then there is one St. Antony, the father of monasticism, one St. Jerome, the interpreter of Scripture, one St. John Chrysos tom, the great preacher.

TDs Opposing Abortion show ‘Rare courage’ – Bishop Brennan

Michael Kelly – The Irish Catholic

Bishop Denis Brennan has warned than tens of thousands of pro-life citizens find themselves taxed without representation due to the Government’s failure to engage on the abortion issue.

He also praised the courage of Oireachtas members who have defied threats from their parties and voted against the Government’s law introducing abortion.

He said the TDs and Senators who were defying the party whip were showing “courage of a rare order, especially in the face of expulsion and the threat of being deselected at the next election”.

Speaking at the annual Ferns Diocese pilgrimage to Knock, Bishop Brennan also questioned whether the rush to introduce abortion, largely supported by the media, is indicative of a widespread ‘group think’.

Pope Francis Announces Changes in Roman Curia Positions

(Vatican Radio) The Holy Father has implemented the following changes in the organisation of the Roman Curia. –

He has accepted the resignation from the role of Major Penitentiary of Cardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro, who has reached the age of retirement. He has confirmed as successor in the same role Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, who until now was Prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy. –

Pope Warns Love of Money is Root of All Evil

The love of money is the root of all evil: that stark warning contained in St Paul’s first letter to Timothy was at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily at his morning Mass in Santa Marta on Friday.

Reflecting on the way in which greed can corrupt our hearts and weaken our faith, the Pope stressed we can never serve God and money at the same time. Money, the Pope went on, sickens our minds, poisons our thoughts, even poisons our faith, leading us down the path of jealousy, quarrels, suspicion and conflict. While money begins by offering a sense of wellbeing, if we are not careful wealth can quickly lead to vanity, self-importance and the sin of pride.

Vatican Needs to Change Its Negative Image, says Marx

Christa Pongratz-Lippitt and Robert Mickens – 21 September 2013
Two weeks before he leaves for Rome for the first meeting of the commission of eight cardinals who will advise Pope Francis on church governance, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich has made trenchant criticisms of the state of the Church. In a marked change of tone on the part of senior church leadership, he said the Vatican needs to do something urgently about the “negative” way it is perceived in the wider world.

“We need a strong central authority and that is why, as I have already emphasised in Rome, we must improve the Vatican’s image. It must no longer be possible for the faithful to regard the Vatican primarily as something negative,” Cardinal Marx told the German weekly Die Zeit.