Baby-killing US abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell to be next subject of acclaimed Co Tyrone film-maker Phelim McAleer

Dr Kermit Gosnell is the subject of Phelim McAleer's  latest  documentary
Dr Kermit Gosnell is the subject of Phelim McAleer’s latest documentary

BY SUZANNE BREEN – 01 April 2014

A Northern Ireland film-maker is making a controversial movie about a late-term abortion doctor whom he claims is the biggest serial killer in US history.



He preyed upon poor women desperate to end their pregnancies. The grand jury report detailed how babies born alive had their spinal cords severed with scissors.

Gosnell kept the severed feet of late-term foetuses in display jars. Foetal remains were also stored in refrigerators next to employees’ lunches. The doctor was sentenced to life imprisonment in May. He waived his right to appeal in order to avoid the death penalty. The 280-page grand jury report, which includes graphic photos, concluded that Gosnell carried out hundreds of killings over decades.

It includes details of his bizarre business and medical practices including charging several different prices for anaesthesia depending on how much pain a patient was willing to endure.

White women were offered a cleaner waiting room and medical equipment than black women. The maverick doctor overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread sexual diseases among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels and caused the deaths of at least two women.

The film-maker claimed that “the liberal media” and Hollywood were still reluctant to cover the story because “it reflects badly on abortion”.

Mr McAleer said: “Americans have a huge appetite for films about serial killers. There have been four movies about Ted Bundy, five about the Zodiac killer, three about John Wayne Gacy and one about Jodie Arias. Kermit Gosnell killed more than them all put together.

“He’s a fascinating monster – a hoarder, mad man and megalomaniac. He’s a black man who is racist against blacks and Hispanics. He is a real-life Hannibal Lecter and we are going to tell the story. This will be the film that Hollywood and the liberal media don’t want people to see.”

Mr McAleer is attempting to raise $2.1million to finance the film through crowdfunding. His previous film FrackNation, a controversial pro-fracking documentary, was one of the most successful documentaries ever to use crowdfunding.


Phelim McAleer was born in County Tyrone but now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, County Donegal-born Ann McElhinney. The 46-year-old is a documentary film-maker but worked as a newspaper jounalist in Ireland, for publications such as The Sunday Times and the Irish News. Documentaries and films he has written and produced include FrackNation, Not Evil Just Wrong and Mine Your Own Business.