Strategic Partnerships, Latest Technology for Papal Canonizations

2014-04-01 Vatican Radio

DBW Communication will archive the visual files using the latest 4K technology, said CTV Director Msgr Dario Viganò.
Vatican Radio will provide the sound for the event, broadcast worldwide in partnership with Sky, Sony and CTV. The global broadcast will make use of nine satellites – more than any World Cup or Olympic Games to date. Globecast will transmit the signals and Eutelsat will offer the technical support for the satellites.
Calling it an historic first, Renato Farina of Eutelsat Italia said nine of the company’s 36 satellites will be used for five hours of the live global broadcast of the canonization.
Vatican Radio’s Massimiliano Menichetti spoke with David Bush, marketing director of Sony Europe, about the partnership.
“I think it’s a natural evolution of a longstanding partnership with CTV. We’ve trialed many different types of innovation, new technologies that we hope can … be used to contribute something to the communication of (the) Vatican to followers around the world,” he said.