Advent Group for Young People

A group for young people aged 16-20+ in the parish during the weeks of Advent. Maybe you have questions about your faith or maybe you want to know more about your faith: either way it’s opportunity to come together in faith, friendship and fun! Beginning Sunday 2nd December at 7.30 in St Comgall’s.

The Second Vatican Council and the Irish Church

The malaise of modern Irish Catholicism is its inability to take theology seriously, writes Fr Vincent Twomey SVD in The Irish Catholic 31st October, 2012
Asked how he got on at the Second Vatican Council, one Irish bishop is reported to have replied: “Well, it was really all a bit of a waste of time. They talked about nothing but theology.” To what extent this comment reflected the general attitude of Irish bishops who attended the Council, I am unable to judge. But the remark would seem to reflect the general attitude of Irish clerics to theology then as now: a waste of time. This is one of the main reasons, it seems to me, why in Ireland the Council failed to achieve the renewal that Blessed Pope John XXIII had hoped to promote when he surprised the world by calling an Ecumenical [i.e. Universal] Council.

Rush to judgement in Irish miscarriage tradegy

Catholic World News
Irish columnist David Quinn points out that very little is known about the medical details surrounding the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, who died of septicemia after complications in pregnancy. But one thing that is clear, Quinn shows, is that the public uproar blaming her death on Catholic teaching is misguided. Neither Church teaching nor Irish law would have required doctors to send the young woman home when she was undergoing a painful miscarriage and her life was in danger.


You are asked not to park at the front of St. Joseph’s Parochial House. Last week the priest was not able to get his car out during the 5.30pm Vigil Mass and could not attend to his duties on time.

The PSNI have advised that parishioners who park on the footpath in front of St.Comgall’s
while attending Church are liable to prosecution.