Questions of Faith: What is the Sunday Angelus?

2013-06-18 Vatican Radio
        (Vatican Radio) Accompanying visitors to Rome through St Peter’s Square one Sunday, our very own official from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Monsignor John Kennedy, was startled by the simple question from one of his party. What is the Sunday Angelus?
Many may have heard of the Pope’s weekly appointment with faithful at noon every Sunday, come rain hail or burning sun.  Be he in Vatican City State, on vacation or on a pastoral visit, the Angelus is the one public event that the Pope hardly ever misses out on, wherever he may be.  But did you know that it is a prayer? Do you know what kind of prayer it is? Where it originates from? Or when Pope’s first started saying it together with the faithful of the  Universal Church.
These are just some of the questions sent in by listeners that Mons. Kennedy  answers in this week’s episode of Questions of Faith, as he helps us to navigate the modern world and rediscover what we believe and why we believe.
So if you have any questions, big or small, why not ask the official? You can do this by submitting them to Vatican Radio’s – English Section Facebook page as a post or private message and tuning in each Tuesday to find out the answers to your Questions of Faith.