Keep Your Words Short and Sweet

Matthew 5:20-26

Introductory Prayer:

Father of love, source of all blessings, you have led me throughout my life, and you lead me still. Thank you for your paternal care. Jesus, Son of God, you died for me on the cross to pay for my sins and manifest your unconditional love for me. Thank you for showing me the way home to the Father. Holy Spirit, sweet guest of the soul, you heal me and strengthen me and set me on fire from the most intimate depths of my soul. Thank you for your loving presence within me.

The Source and Summit of Christian Life

The Irish Catholic
In a continuing series on Christian Initiation, Cathal Barry discusses the meaning of the Eucharist.

According to St Thomas Aquinas; “In this sacrament is included the whole mystery of our salvation”. Our Christian hope is that, just as Christ has risen, we too shall share in his resurrection once our life on earth is ended. This is the mystery of salvation remembered each time we gather to pray the Mass. In our communion with Christ we are in communion with the one whose love has overcome death.